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How to apply the perfect lipstick

Yep, you heard it right, you're about to find out all the key steps to applying your lipstick perfectly. Applying the perfect lipstick truly is an art. How familiar are those moments where you've gone off track and smudged lipstick onto your tooth or it's going well and then you start going over your lip at the wrong angle?... Yeah it's a pain, BUT you'll be happy to know there’s a simple guide to follow to make sure that your lipstick is going on better than it ever has before. So, let's get going:

Step 1: Begin by applying a thin layer of lip balm. This nourishes your lips and helps to smoothen them out, helping to prevent cracking and dry lips. Wait a few minutes before the next step to give time for your lip balm to soak in.

Step 2: The next step is applying lip-liner, so pick up your favourite one that's a shade very close to, or the same, as your lipstick. Begin on your upper lip at the centre, where your cupid's bow is. Now make sure you slowly trace from here to the corners of your mouth with your lip pencil being as careful and precise as possible. Then begin at the centre of your bottom lip and trace to each corner of your mouth. Be sure to smile whilst applying as this stretches out your lips and helps give you more defined lines to follow and lessen the chance of going off track.

Step 3: Now it's time for the lippy! Pick your chosen lipstick and begin at the centre of your upper lip, at the cupids bow. From here, swipe the lipstick across from the cupids bow to each corner of your mouth. Then do the same on your bottom lip, again beginning at the centre and finishing at the corners of your bottom lip. Make sure you don't apply too many layers of lipstick as you don't want it looking cakey!

Step 4: Lastly you need to blot your lips. You can do this with just a tissue and this will help to remove any excess, while also reducing the transfer of lipstick from your lips to any items you touch with your lips, such as cups, spoons or even your partner’s lips!

*Bonus tip: If you want to go all out you could even finish with a luscious gloss!

We're keeping it nice and simple with just 4 steps here but don't worry, you'll love the results!

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